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Stop Methyl Iodide Use in California →

Great news: Governor Brown just appointed Brian Leahy, a successful organic farmer, to head the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. This means we’ve got a great chance to make sure ending the use of methyl iodide is the first thing on his plate. Will you join us in asking Brian to take a stand against methyl iodide today?

As you may know, methyl iodide is a known carcinogen that is used in growing strawberries, and using it presents unacceptable risks to pregnant women, children and farmworkers. In fact, a panel of Nobel scientists called methyl iodide "one of the most toxic chemicals used in manufacturing," and yet Governor Brown has done nothing to oppose its use in California. Help send a strong message to the new head of pesticide regulation, Brian Leahy, demanding that he pull methyl iodide from use in our state.

Action in California will have national implications, and we have a chance to finally make our move. Many groups around the state, as well as hundreds of Food & Water Watch members, have been holding the line on methyl iodide, but now we have the chance to ban it for good. Speak out today against methyl iodide in California:

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