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With one decision, the FDA can begin to rid food packaging of BPA for good

The federal Food and Drug Administration will announce its decision on whether to ban bisphenol A from food packaging by next weekend! Environmental Working Group, our supporters and many like-minded organizations have been fighting for this moment for years. But for just as long, the food and chemical industries - and their lobbyists - have been striving to make sure it never comes.

The food and chemical industries are so nervous about the FDA’s upcoming decision that one sympathizer went as far as to write and publish an outrageous fake strategy memo - purportedly from the environmental community - claiming that this potent synthetic estrogen is safe.

Let’s make sure that we get the last word! More than 79,000 EWG supporters have already sent their message to the FDA - but we need your help to reach our goal of 100,000 messages sent.

The FDA needs to hear from us right now - before it makes up its mind - that we want BPA out of our food packaging.

Click here to send your message to the FDA today. We want safe, healthy food.

EWG has been at the forefront of BPA research since 2007, when we released a first-of-its-kind study that found that BPA had leached from can linings into more than half of the canned foods, beverages and liquid infant formula we tested. This synthetic estrogen is used to harden plastic. It shows up in epoxy for food can linings and polycarbonate plastics for beverage bottles. It’s also in some store receipts. It can disrupt the hormone system and has been linked to serious health problems such as early puberty, brain and heart disorders, infertility and prostate and breast cancer.

With one decision, the FDA can begin to rid food packaging of BPA for good.¬†There is no time to lose. We must make sure the FDA hears us in these final days. Industry is pulling out all the stops and so are we.¬†Let’s send the FDA 100,000 messages calling for the right decision on BPA. Take action today.

Click here to send your message to the FDA. Let’s make sure it makes the right decision.

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