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Stop Methyl Iodide Use in California →

Great news: Governor Brown just appointed Brian Leahy, a successful organic farmer, to head the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. This means we’ve got a great chance to make sure ending the use of methyl iodide is the first thing on his plate. Will you join us in asking Brian to take a stand against methyl iodide today?

As you may know, methyl iodide is a known carcinogen that is used in growing strawberries, and using it presents unacceptable risks to pregnant women, children and farmworkers. In fact, a panel of Nobel scientists called methyl iodide "one of the most toxic chemicals used in manufacturing," and yet Governor Brown has done nothing to oppose its use in California. Help send a strong message to the new head of pesticide regulation, Brian Leahy, demanding that he pull methyl iodide from use in our state.

Action in California will have national implications, and we have a chance to finally make our move. Many groups around the state, as well as hundreds of Food & Water Watch members, have been holding the line on methyl iodide, but now we have the chance to ban it for good. Speak out today against methyl iodide in California:

via Food and Water Watch, get action alerts by signing up here.

UCSF: Don't Let Jesus Navarro Die, Approve His Kidney Transplant →

UPDATE: Feb 10, 2012

Jesus received some amazing news yesterday! Thanks to your overwhelming support, Jesus is on his way to receiving the long-term care he needs to survive and watch his daughter grow up. Even better, UCSF has made it clear that they have not and do not discriminate based on immigration status. Jesus is deeply relieved to hear this news. Read the joint statement from UCSF and Jesus Navarro here:

"Jesus Navarro could die without a kidney transplant.His wife is a match, she wants to donate her kidney to save her husband’s life, and Jesus even has health insurance to cover the transplant.

But because Jesus is undocumented, the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center is refusing to perform surgery, essentially leaving Jesus to die.

Donald Kagan understands what Jesus is going through better than most. Donald immigrated from Nicaragua, and he needed (and received) a kidney transplant that saved his life. Donald is now a partner at a technology firm in Berkeley, CA — and he has offered to pay Jesus’s post-surgery medical bills. But UCSF Medical Center still says no.

Donald thinks it’s unconscionable that UCSF Medical Center would deny Jesus medical treatment even though Jesus already has a willing kidney donor, insurance to pay for his surgery, and a benefactor to pay for his follow-up care. So Donald started a petition on asking UCSF Medical Center administrators to allow Jesus to get the kidney transplant that could save his life. Click here to sign Donald’s petition right now.

When doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, one of the things they swear is that, “I will remember that I remain a member of society with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.” The administrators at UCSF Medical Center are forgoing their obligations as caregivers only because Jesus is undocumented.

After waiting for years for this surgery, Jesus was devastated to learn that it still might not happen. ”He’s afraid he might die,” Jesus’s sister told NBC News. “He might not see his daughter grow up.”

The UCSF Medical Center administrators don’t want a public relations disaster on their hands — but that’s exactly what they’ll have if thousands of people sign Donald’s petitions and they still refuse to provide Jesus with the surgery that could save his life.

Click here to sign Donald’s petition demanding that UCSF Medical Center allow Jesus Navarro to receive his wife’s kidney and save his life — a surgery that Donald himself will pay for.